What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, involves repetitive puncturing of the skin with sterilized microneedles. Professional micro-needling allows for the sterile, one-time use needles to enter at a perfect 90-degree angle which causes less damage to your skin when compared to derma-rollers.

What is the cost for Micro-needling?

A Microneedling Facial treatment is $150.00 (or 100.00 if you are a Glow Getter Member)

A Microneedling Scar Softening treatment’s cost will vary based on the size and severity of the scar.

How does Micro-needling work?

As a healing response, your own growth factors are regenerated which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

What conditions can Micro-needling treat?

Micro-needling is used to treat scarring and wrinkles, enable skin rejuvenation, and improve skin appearance.

Micro-needling may be used to enhance treatment for raised (hypertrophic) scars. Flattened scars are easier to treat, as when they are raised the pigmentation runs/migrates farther than the desired treatment area. Raised scars form most often at the sites of pimples, body piercings, cuts, surgical incisions and burns.

What can I expect with a Micro-needling treatment?

You can expect mild pain, redness and some pinpoint bleeding which often resolves within 24 hours.

What kind of results can I look forward to after micro-needling?

After 6 treatments over 3 months, Acne Scar Treatment with Micro-needling Resulted in:

  • a 51%–60% improvement in scar appearance

  • a 40%–50% improvement in skin texture, and

  • an 80%–85% overall satisfaction

Do you recommend pairing micro-needling with other treatments?

Yes, studies show significant improvement in skin texture, scarring, and a reduction in hyperpigmentation when patients were treated with the combined approach of alternating between micro-needling and glycolic acid peels (Glow peel or HydraFacial) when compared to just micro-needling treatments alone.