Lip Blush


Lip blushing is a specialized cosmetic procedure that focuses on enhancing the color and definition of the lips through semi-permanent makeup techniques. We can’t wait to have our reputable, licensed Master Artists perfect them for you. We have tons of 5 star reviews from our years of experience!

Does lip blushing hurt?

Your provider will apply a numbing product to your lips beforehand  and during to help minimize pain and discomfort.

The lower your pain tolerance, the more discomfort you might feel. However, some people may not feel much pain at all since it is very superficial. You may consider taking acetaminophen before your appointment to decrease your chances of feeling pain.

How permanent is it?

Lip blushing is considered a semipermanent procedure. This means you’ll need to repeat the process every few years to maintain your results. Frequent lip exfoliation, sun exposure, and smoking can all make the pigment fade quicker.

Lip blushing healing and aftercare

The healing process of lip blushing is similar to that of a tattoo. You’ll see swelling and redness, which you can help treat with ice or cold compresses. While it may be tempting to bandage your lips, you should let them air-dry for best results.

As your lips start to heal, the skin will scab for about a week. Do not pick at these scabs — this may cause scarring and uneven tone as your lip tattoo heals.

Place the aftercare we provide on your lips for relief and protection.

You may also consider avoiding intense workouts for a few weeks as your lips heal. Avoid direct sun exposure during this time, too. Don’t worry if your lips look darker than you anticipated; this is a normal side effect that will wear off as your lips heal.

Expect to see full results from lip blushing in about a month. Your provider may ask you to come in for a follow-up appointment at this time to assess your results.

A touch-up session may be required after a couple of months to achieve the precise color density you want.

Regular Pricing:

$499 for 1st Session

$165 for 6 Week Touchup

$220 for Annual Touchup