Inkless Stretchmark Camouflauge

Inkless Stretch Mark Camouflage –  The inkless tattooing treatment smooths wrinkly and deeper stretch marks. It aims to shrink and flatten stretch marks to make them less noticeable. Let us help you conceal the appearance of stretch marks. Imagine if you could just “filter” your stretch marks away. We could also help with Hypopigmentation (loss of skin color) or scar camouflage. Come in for a FREE Consultation today!

Before Stretchmark CamouflaugeAfter Stretchmark Camouflauge

“ I can finally wear a bathing suit without feeling insecure infront of people.  I was not a fan of my tiger stripes and now I don’t have to even think about it. Totally recommend to anyone who stretch marks clearly bother them. I only needed two sessions. Now I feel younger and more beautfiful than ever! ”

— Debra S.

$500 and up (depending on area)

Free Consultation Required*

You might be a candidate if you meet the criteria below. Your scar should be:

  • Healed and no longer pink or changing color: Your scar should be at least 9 to 12 months old with stable color. If it is red or pink or still changing color, the tissue may still be healing. A reputable, experienced medical tattooist will not work prematurely on scar tissue because it may cause further damage to the skin. (Note: If you were under a physician’s care for the condition, ask him/her if you may undergo skin color tattooing before contacting us)
  • Smooth and relatively flat: Camouflage tattooing cannot disguise or correct extreme changes in skin texture. If your scar or skin area is bumpy or raised, the process may not be effective. (Note: If you have any skin surface irregularity, please consult with a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon first to see if any type of medical treatment can first improve the skin texture.)
  • Without dark edges: Dark edges or borders around a scar indicate Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIHP) from the initial trauma or surgery. It is possible that the camouflage tattooing process may increase hyper-pigmentation and create a wider, darker border. (Note: The risk of this happening is usually greater with darker skin tones.)
  • NOT one of the following: Port Wine birthmarks; spider veins; freckles; age spots; under-eye circles; hyper-pigmentation; or unstable Vitiligo (not in remission). These can be improved with non-tattoo medical treatments such as lasers, sclerotherapy, or chemical peels. Please consult with a physician regarding the best course of treatment for these conditions

For appointments to book your stretch mark camouflage tattoo treatment, or for more information regarding pricing, please call or text 561-838-3077


Clean the area with a natural cleanser and keep it protected with Aquaphor spray/ointment.  Keep your hands clean and avoid touching the area. Avoid using harsh soaps, creams, fragrances and lotions. Avoid active sun exposure, excessive sweating, swimming, massage for the best outcome. Complete aftercare instructions will be provided during your visit.


Your camouflaged stretch marks and scars will not change color. If you tan, your skin’s overtone will darken, but your stretch marks will remain the same color as your natural skin-toned ink tattoo.

Overall, your stretch marks will still be camouflaged because the “white” is no longer there. In short, there’s less of an obvious contrast.


There’s little to no downtime. Most clients can resume work the same day after their session. It’s normal to experience redness and swelling immediately after the procedure for 1-3 days. For the first 3 days, you’ll be given strict instructions on how to minimize inflammation, speed up the wound-healing phase, and how to “ice” the area and keep it clean. 

Over the next few weeks, the redness will dissipate and go through a variety of shades (from dark to light) until your skin heals.


Everyone’s skin is different. Variables include age, diet, hormones, general health, overtones, sun exposure, etc and so it’s impossible to give an exact number of days it will take you to heal.

On average, it takes 45-60 days, but if you’re prone to hyper-pigmentation (you naturally scar dark), it will most likely take longer to heal. During your consultation, we can discuss and assess your skin’s estimated timeline and variables.


The Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo is a penetrative skin treatment that’s only been around for 6-7 years. According to our industry, it will last 5 years, or more provided that the correct after-care procedures are adhered to. You may or may not need a touch up after 5-6 years. Remember, a stretch mark is a scar and so the skin is trickier to penetrate. In addition, as we age, all tattoos transition and change on our skin because there’s less elasticity and melanin production. This can affect your stretch mark camouflage tattoo, as well.

What Clients Say…

Cindy MeiskinCindy Meiskin
17:18 07 Aug 22
Tammy was amazing. She was meticulous and the results show that. I’m obsessed with my eyebrows and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I was nervous to get the nanoblading done ;I’m so glad I did. I absolutely love the results. Highly recommend!
Paula OrtegaPaula Ortega
19:43 02 Aug 22
I went in for my first set of eyelashes today and all I can say is WOW!!! Thank you so much Keysha! My eyelashes look AMAZING. I highly recommend you visit this location if you are wanting to get your eyelashes done. As soon as I walked in I was helped and felt the positive vibes all around. Keysha made sure I was okay and comfortable throughout my entire appointment. She is kind, gentle, and very professional. I loved the service I received today so much I already went ahead and booked my next appointment.
Jeanee GormanJeanee Gorman
10:11 22 Jul 22
Celebrity Lashes is just a wonderful establishment all around. The owner Shelly is lovely, she cares about her clientele and it shows in all the details. For lashes there is nobody better than Tammy her relaxing demeanor and elite skills have you feeling your best gorgeous self every single time. For facials JetPeel is a game changer never have I seen such a transformation after just one treatment. Ladies the secret is out, and it’s Celebrity Lashes where beauty meets excellence!!
Mindy TurnerMindy Turner
02:53 07 Jul 22
I’ve been using Tammy at Celebrity lash and she is absolutely phenomenal. Painless, relaxing the most beautiful lashes can be yours when you use Tammy. I joined and booked in the future so that I can assure that I will have a time for my lash refills. They do many other things such as eyebrows and permanent make up at the salon. Tammy is my go to person. The salon is very clean and very attractive. I love my lashes and so does my husband. They made me look 10 years younger and I feel great!
Angie clarkeAngie clarke
20:42 25 Jun 22
Love coming here! Facility is clean! Front desk is always so nice & inviting. I never have to wait long when I have an appointment!I get my lashes done by Keysha & she is amazing! My lashes have amazing retention, I go every week to get them touched up when I could probably wait longer! You can tell she is knowledgeable and has experience.